Thursday, 27 November 2014

Candle Loving

There are few reasons for my deep loving of candles. Of course, there is the obvious point being that candles make your room smell nice, but I think my top reasoning for this love is just how they look. Now I'm not talking about the pretty jars here but that twinkle of the flame just out of the corner of your eye. I love it! Especially at this time of year when you're snuggled up on the sofa after a long day, a candle just provides you with that wonderfully cosy feeling that makes winter so special. 

So not only do candles make you feel cosy and relaxed and simply just look amazing, but I think that candles are great for setting the atmosphere. A perfect example of this is Christmas candles. I think that nothing gives my room that Christmas feeling more than my Christmas candles. With such a wide range of scents available to buy, it's almost impossible to go wrong with finding that perfect Christmas scent. 

I feel that one common misconception with candles is that you can only use them in the colder seasons, but I completely disagree. I completely understand the need for different candles throughout the year, but candles are so versatile and by far one of my favourite features about decoration. 

Basically, I love candles. 

I hope you have/had a lovely day.

Holly X
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