Saturday, 15 March 2014

You Against Me - Jenny Downham

Welcome to what I do believe is my very first book review! How exciting! 

Today I will be reviewing You Against Me by Jenny Downham. I recently finished this book and just had to share it. However do just bear with me because like I said this is my very first book review, but I guess we will just have to see how it goes.

A few month ago I was pondering around Waterstones, looking for a few new books. One of the things that intrigued me the most about this book was the blurb. 
"If someone hurts your sister and you're any kind of man, you seek revenge, right?If your brother's accused of a terrible crime but says he didn't do it, you defend him, don't you?
When Mikey's sister claims a boy assaulted her, his world begins to fall apart.
When Ellie's brother is charged with the offence, her world begins to unravel.

Now I am a sucker for romance but I had been looking for something with a little more depth, and this was perfect. Without trying to give any spoilers I will try and give you a rough outline of the story. The book is based on a crime accusation and how the truth comes out. The victim of the crime has an older brother Mikey, one of the main characters. The other main character goes by the name of Ellie. Ellie's older brother is the one being accused of committing the crime. Both Ellie and Mikey are trying to do what is right and protect their sibling. However, in the midst of it all, they fall in love.

That is all I shall say as I don't want to ruin it for anybody who wishes to read this book, and I do recommend that you read this as I loved it and simply couldn't put it down. So if you are looking for a romance with a little more depth, why not give this a try? However, I must say that this book taps into sexual violence so please bare this in mind before purchasing

I give this book .... 10/10!

I thou-rally enjoyed this book and really wanted to share it, so I apologise if this isn't a very good review but I simply felt like I had to share it.

Thanks for reading,

xxX Holly Xxx

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