Friday, 25 September 2015


Today I wanted to talk a little bit about a project created by Bailee Madison called #ImMoreThanAWord. If you haven't read the original post you can click here and check it out (I totally recommend reading it because she words it perfectly and explains it very well). She has also put together a lovely video that you can check out here too.

I highly recommend checking out those links as I think that this project is a very important one.The basis of this project is labelling, something that the majority of us will be familiar with. With the increasing popularity of the internet, labelling becomes even easier and this can often result in an ever growing population of insecurities. 

However, although the internet is a great place for finding insecurity, it can also be a great place for finding confidence and support. Something that I feel this project is helping to do and something I feel is extremely important. 

As Bailee said 'YOU are worth so much more than a word' and you shouldn't forget that.

For a much better written and well-organised explanation on this project please check out Bailee's post. 

Holly X

P.s- Sorry this is such an unorganised post but I am a huge fan of this project and am 1000% for any project that is aimed at building self-esteem and helping others. 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Overwhelmed by life.

I have been pretty absent in the last few weeks and I think it is about time I return. It wasn't exactly a planned absence, but life happened and before I knew it I was without my precious blog and feeling rather unhappy about it. So with this realisation, I have hopped back onto my laptop and made a gracious return. 

However, first I should explain. A few weeks ago, I started school again. I am currently undertaking 3 A levels and am in my final (and very stressful) year of sixth form. Despite only being a few weeks in, I am already extremely overwhelmed, extremely stressed and have had numerous breakdowns. Now A-levels aren't exactly known for their easy going nature, however, there are a few factors that I feel are making it extra difficult for me. 

Firstly, I missed a lot of the summer work. In between the AS exams and summer break, my school lessons continued. However, I then got ill. Now I don't mean the 'off for a few days with a bug' kind of ill, nor do I mean the 'I have a nasty cold kind of ill'. It was more of an 'I am struggling to get out of bed for weeks and weeks' kind of ill. Now I don't want to go into this too much now, but I still am struggling with it on and off now, and we are yet to get a diagnosis. However, for anybody with an interest, I plan on writing a post about this, once it gets a diagnosis. This way I don't offend anybody with my paranoid assumptions e.c.t. Anyway, I am getting sidetracked... this illness meant I missed an awful lot of school. In result, meaning I missed an awful lot of lessons. Now, of course, I tried to get work as much as I could but 1- Getting sent work is never as good as being in the lesson and 2- When you feel ill, you can't really learn things very well... it just doesn't work. So when I returned to school, I was already behind. Now my teachers gave me some resources to help, but trying to learn that on top of the new work has been really quite difficult. On top of that, everybody else in the class is ahead and that certainly doesn't help because being the person that I am, I get very worked up over small things. 

Secondly, I have suddenly changed my future plans. While everybody else is writing personal statements and applying for uni, I have been having a breakdown and completely changing my future plans. I don't mean just changing my choice of university. I mean changing the entire course and questioning everything I had previously planned. For years and years and years, I had vaguely planned to become a primary school teacher. The idea sounded nice and I had been told I would be good at it. I had no other ideas as to what career to go into so I just went with it. However, the other day after discussing it with a couple friends, I changed my mind. I then went home and researched and have come to the conclusion that I may want to do an entirely different course. Now this sounds really exciting to me, but I still have that worry that I have made this decision on a whim, Now this is probably me just being a worrier again, but there you have it. 

This brings me onto my next point of having to up my grades.. .quite a bit. This sudden change in plans has in return made me realise that I can aim a lot higher than I originally thought I could. I want to get the best grades I can and challenge myself to just be a better person. Now this sounds a little cheesy I know, but it is true. So, I have been trying to work harder and study more. However, I get overwhelmed very easily. I get stressed very easily and I get anxious about certain things very quickly. Therefore, I need to take time out and relax and do things for myself. However, I feel so tired that I can't do anything that is actually good for myself (i.e- my blog) and end up doing things that are easily accessible (i.e- scrolling social media). In result, I don't get anything at all productive done and feel guilty for it. I then end up beating myself up about it and it all spirals. 

Now there are still quite a few points I could talk about so maybe I will do a second post on this, but the last point for today is that I am still ill. I mentioned this earlier and like I said, I don't want to go into this now. However, this makes me feel very exhausted and isn't making my already pretty stressful situation any easier. I am currently trying to work on some techniques/ideas to help myself relax and de-stress so once I have got these sorted I will share them. 

So that is all for today's post. I am feeling so very overwhelmed right now but am glad to be making my blog a priority again. Just writing this post has already helped me to breathe a little and constantly makes me happy. 

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day.

Holly Xx

Friday, 4 September 2015

My Bank Holiday Monday.

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Happy Friday! This week has been pretty busy for me (hence the lack of posts- I explain more later) and Monday feels like it was weeks ago. However, today I wanted to share what I got up to last Monday as I had a lovely time. 

So as it was Bank Holiday, the entire family had the day off and we decided to go to Weston-Super-Mare. We never made it to the beach this summer and the weather was being very English so we decided on Weston. Weston is great for days like this as it still counts as a beach, but it has lots more to do. So we all grabbed our Wellies and coats and drove up there.

Once we arrived we headed to the pier. We all brought along our 2ps and spent them all on the 2p machine where I won a little teddy bear! Then we headed to a little restaurant where I had a sausage, chips and gravy (a beach day must!). A lovely lady thought me and my sister were twins because we both had our hair in braids and had matching coats. People often say that but I don't see it ! Haha! Having finished that we headed to the ice cream parlour. Now let me tell you about this ice cream parlour. The interior is very diner like (which I love) and they do the most amazing ice cream sundaes. So, of course, we purchased a HUGE sundae that is probably meant for 4 and shared it between 2. Then once we had eaten too much and felt a little sick, we headed down to the beach area. It was very muddy as the tide was way out (typical for Weston) but we were prepared so we went and enjoyed the mud. We messed around and laughed a lot. It was great fun! We finally headed off the beach where I went on the Ferris Wheel and Carousel (still my favourite beach ride) before finishing our day at Costa.

I had an amazing day and enjoyed every second of it. I also managed to snap some lovely pics that I might share some other time. Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend. 

Holly X

P.s- It appears that school and blogging 5 days a week are a little difficult and I don't want my posts to become rushed and boring. Therefore I have decided to commit only to 1/2 blog posts a week. If I have more time then I will post more but I just thought I would let those who are interested or follow my blog aware.

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