Monday, 30 June 2014

Cutting off my hair

Hello, everybody! 
So about 3 weeks ago I chopped off a decent amount of hair. I went from all this ...

 to this...

About just over a year before I got my hair dyed ombre. I really like the colour and it was nice. However, I hadn't died my hair before this and it proved very difficult to care for. I hadn't had my hair cut since I got it died and therefore my hair was in horrible condition. It felt dead and weak and it was just a nightmare to deal with. I had been wanting to go for a big change for a while so I just went ahead and cut it. 

Honestly, I miss the length of my hair a lot but it feels so much nicer now. It's a lot easier to care for and I know that my hair will grow quickly. I don't regret cutting it but I am excited for it to grow back!

Just a quick post but I wanted to write about it, so I did.

Thanks for reading, I hope your day goes well.


xxX Holly Xxx 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Summer Picnic OOTD

Hello, everybody, I hope your day is going well.

The another day I went on a picnic with all my friends, so today I thought I would talk to you about my outfit.

I chose to wear this outfit because not only did I like how it looked but it was comfortable. On the day it was pretty hot and the sun was shining, so, of course, I wanted something that wouldn't make me too hot. I thought these shorts was perfect because of their flowy nature, they kept me nice and cool. Also with weather like this I love wearing crop tops with high waisted shorts or skirts. As for shoes, I decided to wear my coral canvas style shoes as they were super comfortable and added a pop of colour to the outfit.

Sunglasses ~ H&M
Crop top ~ New Look
Shorts ~ Possibly peacocks but I can't remember
Shoes ~ Also possibly peacocks but again I have forgotten

So that is all for today, lately, I have been loving patterned shorts and I hope to purchase more soon.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a good day.

xxX Holly Xxx

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