Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Yankee candle love

Over the years I have heard wonderful things about the Yankee candles. So finally I took it upon myself to go and purchase some Yankee candles. Now I am the kind of person that likes to redecorate every season. I love celebrating the seasons and I feel that candles are a must have for any season! As I ordered my candles from online, I decided to keep it safe and purchase three samples. These consisted of November Rain, Blissful Autumn and Apple and Pine Needle. 

The first one I tested was November Rain. I know that it is only September but I just couldn't resist. I adore that smell just after it's rained so when I came across this candle I had no choice but to buy it. This smells amazing. Although I must admit, it doesn't smell of rain. However, despite this, it still smells lovely and really makes my room feel cosy. I definitely recommend this candle and I will be purchasing it again. 

My next candle sample was Blissful Autumn. As soon as my eyes fell upon this name I knew I had to try it. As I was looking for some Autumn scents this seemed just perfect, and I was correct. This scent smells so lovely I could just eat it. Full of sweet fruity and woodland scents this is perfect for the season. I think it is safe to say this scent is addictive and completely worth it. I will defiantly be purchasing this again and I strongly recommend you try it too.

 The final scent I purchased was the Apple and Pine Needle. Now although I was on a search for autumn scents, when I came across this I figured why not get stocked up for winter. This scent is full of wintery pine smells crossed with a sweet apple twist. I personally really like this smell but I could see how it wouldn't be to everybody's taste. To me, this just smells so seasonal and I can't wait to use it properly during the winter months. Although I do like this smell, I would recommend testing before you purchase.

On top of this, the other day I came across a sale for another Yankee candle scent, 'Spiced Orange'.  Considering it was on sale I just went ahead and purchased it. Although I haven't officially trialled it yet, I can tell you that the smell is pretty strong. However, once I have officially trialled it, I shall get back to you on my thoughts.

Thank you for reading,

xxX Holly Xxx

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Baby shower - OOTD

Hello everybody,

Today I got to go to my very first baby shower. In my fifteen years of existence, i have never been to a baby shower and I love babies and children so this was very exciting! It was a lovely afternoon BBQ and luckily it didn't rain. I don't usually get to see my extended family very often so I really enjoy getting to see them all. I also just love looking at all of the little gifts and getting to spend the afternoon with my family was lovely.

I only had an hour to get ready to go, including shower so I had to quickly put together an outfit and very quick and simple hair and make-up. Besides having to rush I really quite liked my outfit, so I figured I would share it.

For my hair, I tied up the sides with a hair-tie to keep my hair off my face. Then I added my bright orange laced bow from Claire's. For my makeup, I stuck to concealer, foundation, powder, a dash of eye shadow and a pinky nude colour on my lips.

For my outfit, i started with my black long sleeved t-shirt with a beige and orange patterns on. Then I added my light brown skirt with a waistband. Now that it's Autumn it's getting a bit chilly so I added a pair of black tights and my khaki utility jacket.

To finish off my outfit I put on my old brown boots. These boots are super comfy and great for Autumn. 

This outfit was super comfy and I felt very girly wearing it. This outfit is great for Autumn with the orange and brown colours, as well as the seasonal colours it was warm enough for the colder weather and I will definitely be wearing it again.

Thanks for reading, 

Xxx Holly xxX

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