Sunday, 1 September 2019

August Roundup 2019.

How is it the end of summer already? This summer has flown by but I actually feel really ready for autumn. I think with our English summer you can often feel like you've been cheated for a summer and while it still hasn't been ideal, I really feel like we had a few really good summer weeks and it has been incredible. 

I used to blog about all sorts of things I was up to in my life and I love reading back on those so I really wanted to try and incorporate some more of this in my blog, such as doing monthly roundups, such at this one! So here is what I got up to this August...

Back towards the start of the month my mum and I popped over to one of my best friends, Emma, for a gorgeous summer lunch and walk with her Mumma. I absolutely adore them both and always have the best time when we are all together- such a perfect way to start the month!

A little later in August, I went for drinks with two more of my best friends, Angelique and Becky, in Bath. These days with our ever conflicting schedules we rarely get time together all three of us together and so this was amazing to catch up. I am pretty sure I spent the whole evening laughing. 

I went for a lovely gin and jazz night with my mum, sister, and aunt. Gin is one of my favourite alcoholic drinks, especially in summer and I've really been loving jazz lately so this was such a dreamy evening. Live jazz is incredible and creates such an amazing vibe!

I had to pop back up to Notts to complete some exams I missed and my lovely friend (Becky  - I mentioned her earlier) came to keep me company. It was so much fun and totally made having to do exams worth it. I took her to my favourite spots, we drank coffee and cocktails, took a trip to the arboretum and made the most of the 'beach' in the city centre - I love all the things they have going on in market square throughout the year! Such a fun trip!

Finally, to bring out summer to a close, we took a quick trip to the Cotswolds as a family. We had perfect weather and spent our time fishing (or trying to at least), swimming and going to the water park/lake. It was such a fun little trip!

So that was my August, in highlights anyway. Not pictured is the stress of exams causing huge stress breakouts and anxiety, bad days and illness. Peaks and valleys my friends! I can't wait to see what next month holds as I move into my seconds year uni house- so exciting! 

Speak soon,


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