Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Yankee candle love

Over the years I have heard wonderful things about the Yankee candles. So finally I took it upon myself to go and purchase some Yankee candles. Now I am the kind of person that likes to redecorate every season. I love celebrating the seasons and I feel that candles are a must have for any season! As I ordered my candles from online, I decided to keep it safe and purchase three samples. These consisted of November Rain, Blissful Autumn and Apple and Pine Needle. 

The first one I tested was November Rain. I know that it is only September but I just couldn't resist. I adore that smell just after it's rained so when I came across this candle I had no choice but to buy it. This smells amazing. Although I must admit, it doesn't smell of rain. However, despite this, it still smells lovely and really makes my room feel cosy. I definitely recommend this candle and I will be purchasing it again. 

My next candle sample was Blissful Autumn. As soon as my eyes fell upon this name I knew I had to try it. As I was looking for some Autumn scents this seemed just perfect, and I was correct. This scent smells so lovely I could just eat it. Full of sweet fruity and woodland scents this is perfect for the season. I think it is safe to say this scent is addictive and completely worth it. I will defiantly be purchasing this again and I strongly recommend you try it too.

 The final scent I purchased was the Apple and Pine Needle. Now although I was on a search for autumn scents, when I came across this I figured why not get stocked up for winter. This scent is full of wintery pine smells crossed with a sweet apple twist. I personally really like this smell but I could see how it wouldn't be to everybody's taste. To me, this just smells so seasonal and I can't wait to use it properly during the winter months. Although I do like this smell, I would recommend testing before you purchase.

On top of this, the other day I came across a sale for another Yankee candle scent, 'Spiced Orange'.  Considering it was on sale I just went ahead and purchased it. Although I haven't officially trialled it yet, I can tell you that the smell is pretty strong. However, once I have officially trialled it, I shall get back to you on my thoughts.

Thank you for reading,

xxX Holly Xxx

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