Friday, 15 May 2015

2 fast and easy prom inspired hairstyles!

Now this year I have no prom of sorts, however, I am aware that many people do. Therefore I decided to share two super quick and easy hairstyle that I have been loving and think would be perfect for prom!

For this first hairstyle, you will need to start with your hair down in  a middle parting. Next, you need to split your hair into three equal parts. I suggest using a hair band to keep the sections separate. Then you select a small amount of hair from one of the front sections, near the roots and split it into two. You then simply twist the two pieces of hair around each other, adding in a little more hair as you go, until your entire section is a French twisted braid. You then repeat this on the other front section until you have two French twisted braids and one section left. The final step is to the take all three sections and complete a normal braid and voila! To finish of this hairstyle, you can then pull at the braid a little to add texture and pull a piece of hair down to frame your face, whatever suits you.

I think this hairstyle is super cute, easy and only took about 5/10 minutes. This hairstyle can be dressed up for prom or dressed down for an everyday casual hairstyle.

Sorry about the shocking phone photo quality.

For the second hairstyle, you firstly need to complete the stages above for the first hairstyle. However, you then twist the braid into a bun and pin into place. Again, this hairstyle is super easy to do and is the perfect updo for prom!

So there we have my two prom inspired hairstyles.
I am 100% not a professional, nor do I claim to be. I did, however, enjoy experimenting with these hairstyles and am happy with the result. Also, I apologise for my bad explanation on this styles and hope you still understood my rambling.

If you are going to prom then I hope you have a lovely time, stay safe and I am sure you will look amazing!

Holly X


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