Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Start of summer with the squad.

As spring begins to fade and summer starts (although you wouldn't believe it with this British weather lately) there are more and more opportunities to create memories, and what better way to do this than with friends. 

Having a week off from exams, (most of) the girls and I decided to spend the day together at Corsham Court. We each prepared some food and set off for the day with our picnic bag and blanket. Now, since none of us can yet drive, we decided to walk. This took a little longer than we had previously thought but was a lot of fun and full of hilarious memories.

The entire day was so much fun and packed full of hilarious moments that won't soon be forgotten. We chatted and laughed and played games (getting a little competitive) the entire time and it was fabulous. The perfect break from our exam stress. These few pictures are from our walk to the Court.

Overall, we all had a fabulous day and can add this day to our many memories together.

Holly X


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