Friday, 25 September 2015


Today I wanted to talk a little bit about a project created by Bailee Madison called #ImMoreThanAWord. If you haven't read the original post you can click here and check it out (I totally recommend reading it because she words it perfectly and explains it very well). She has also put together a lovely video that you can check out here too.

I highly recommend checking out those links as I think that this project is a very important one.The basis of this project is labelling, something that the majority of us will be familiar with. With the increasing popularity of the internet, labelling becomes even easier and this can often result in an ever growing population of insecurities. 

However, although the internet is a great place for finding insecurity, it can also be a great place for finding confidence and support. Something that I feel this project is helping to do and something I feel is extremely important. 

As Bailee said 'YOU are worth so much more than a word' and you shouldn't forget that.

For a much better written and well-organised explanation on this project please check out Bailee's post. 

Holly X

P.s- Sorry this is such an unorganised post but I am a huge fan of this project and am 1000% for any project that is aimed at building self-esteem and helping others. 

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