Monday, 1 February 2016

The Beauty Of Instant Photographs.

It's no secret that I love photographs. I am always snapping up pretty pictures of everything and in the whirlwind, that is technology, the beauty of a physical copy of a photograph often is forgotten. In the last year, I have been making much more of an effort to print off physical photographs of my favourite images. I typically use an app to get my photographs sent to me, meaning it is a super easy process and I get the beauty of having a physical copy of my photo's. I absolutely love it! 

Taking a photograph digitally is great, don't me wrong. You can take a million and one photo's just to make sure you get the right one, can't do that with instant photos. You can edit an image digitally, can't do that with instant photos either. However, there is just something about capturing a specific moment in a single unchangeable image that I just love and that is something you just can't get from digital photography. 

So, after many years of wishing and wanting, I finally decided to get my hand on one of these wonderful instant cameras. (When I say that I mean my lovely mother got me one for Christmas) I decided to get the Instax mini 90 as I really like the more 'old fashioned' design it has over the more modern models. 

The only trouble with these is that the film is pretty pricey but in some ways that make the moments you do use it, even more special. The fact that you only have a certain number of images you can take, kind of forces you to really think about what you are taking and makes the actual image even better. 

Along with all of that, they just look so cute! I decided to hang mine up on my bookshelf  and I am obsessed with how it looks. It makes my room feel so pretty and cosy and I love having little memories lying around my room. 

I understand that things like this are not for everybody but personally, I love it and just HAD to share it! I totally recommend it for any photography lovers because I have become obsessed.

Thanks for reading! Does anybody else have an instant camera?

Holly X


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