Thursday, 24 March 2016

Bunny Bunting.

My last post featured some homemade easter inspired bunting and it appeared to go down a treat. It was a really easy and inexpensive way to decorate for the easter holidays and so today I decided to share with you a slightly different type of easter bunting. In comparison to my last bunting, I made these with a kit I purchased from hobby craft. I love hobby craft and when I came across this adorable kit I just fell in love. Usually, when I see something like this, I will just try and adapt it and make it from scratch for less money. However, this kit was only £2 ! It would have cost more to make it from scratch so I decided to go ahead and buy it. 

Included in this kit was some sparkly string, 7 little pom poms (for the bunny tails), 8 sticky bow ties, a sheet of double sided stickers (to stick the tails on) and 15 pre-cut card bunnies in 5 different patterns. There were also instructions on the packaging.

First up, I lay the bunnies out in the order that I wanted them. I chose to keep them in a similar order to the order they came in. However, you could totally mix them up more and get creative with it. I then had to thread the string through the pre-punched holes in the bunny ears. This was the most time-consuming part of the whole process, especially when I came missing a hole meaning I had to undo it all again. If anybody choosing to give this kit a go, take your time with this bit. Make sure the string goes in and out the same way as the others and make sure not to miss any!

The next and final step was to add on the tail and tie. The bow-ties peeled off super easily and stuck on very well. I always worry when purchasing things like this that the sticky part doesn't actually stick very well. However, these stuck on great and looked so cute! The tails were a little more tricky. The double sided stickers were super sticky, which was great for ensuring the tails didn't fall off. However, this did make the handling a little more challenging. Thankfully I have some longish nails, making the peeling off the stickers easier. However, it was a little harder trying to position them in order to get the tail in the correct place. Despite it being a little more challenging, it wasn't too difficult and was still a lot of fun.

Voila! We have some super cute, very easy, wonderfully cheap and perfectly festive bunny bunting. I half expected them to turn out horribly with them being such a good price, but I was pleasantly surprised. 

I decided to hang mine in my kitchen, just in time for Good Friday! They completely transformed the room and everybody has been loving them. I always find that decorating for the holidays and seasons just transforms the house. It's always so much fun to do and I find it puts the whole family it more festive mood. 

Has anybody else been decorating their home for Easter?

There probably will not be another post until after easter, so I wish you all the happiest of Easters. I hope you eat too much chocolate and laugh until your belly hurts. Have a lovely time and enjoy it!

Holly X


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