Friday, 16 November 2018

Fractured Feet and Uni Struggles

Hello my beautiful blog, it's been a hot minute (anybody else just realising how weird of a saying that is?) and boy have a missed you!

Since my last blog, I got accepted into my chosen Uni, frantically did some last minute uni shopping (and realised the insane amount of things you need), moved into Uni and somehow we are now on week 8 of being here. That is absolutely insane. I definitely want to do a few posts on moving in, tips, tricks, struggles and all that jazz because it wasn't what I expected in more ways than one. However, today I wanted to talk, or rant, or vent about one of the biggest things that has happened to me in the last 8 weeks... I fractured my foot... partying. Oops!

Now I am not a super crazy party animal or anything but I love a night out as much as the next girl, and for me, a good night consists of lots of singing and dancing like a maniac. Now on this particualr night, the 11th of October 2018 to be specific, the club was packed and for some reason, everyone was particularly roudy. Now there are a couple of situations that may have led to my injury and the fact I am not sure which one fractured my foot, just goes to show how hectic it was. It is intirely possible that I was jumping around and dancing like a madwomen and somehow danced so aggressively I injured myself. I get very excited when the classics come on. However, I think the more likely situation is that I got trodden on. Like I said, everybody was very roudy that night (I also got a bottle thrown at my head and elbowed in the neck... fun!) and there were more than one insidence resulting in a big heavy human jumping on my foot (such fun!). 

I woke the next day in pain and I couldn't walk properly. I feel like the normal human response to this would be 'let's go to A&E' or at the very least 'let's go to the doctors', but no, not me. Instead I decided to hobble (literally) up to visit my friend and around campus for a few days. Finally on the 16th of October, after hobbling around almost in tears with the pain, I booked an emergency Drs appointment, which as it was on campus, I also hobbled to. Since I could technically weight bare on it, the nurse decided it was just tissue damage (I say just but tissue damage is painful and takes ages to heal) and told me to try walk on it, elevate, ice and take ibuprofen, and so that is what I did. Or at least I tried. 

The pain continued with no improvement and so I decided to book an actual doctors appointment. On the 26th of October, I had my appointment where the doctor also thought I had tissue damage but referred me for an X-ray just to be safe. I booked the next appointment available and on the 1st of Novemeber I went into the hospital to have my X-ray. The radiologist noticed something a little off around the area of my pain and so I was send down to A&E. There I waited a while, was assessed and told it was possible I had fractured my anterior proccess of the Calcaneaus (I think that is what it is called) and referred to the fracture clinic the next day. So on the 2nd of November, I went to the fracture clinic where the doctor agreed that with my pain, it was a fracture. Now at this point, the pain was starting to lessen for the first time since it began and so when offered a boot e.t.c I said I didn't need it (Spoiler alert: That was a very stupid decision). 

On the 6th of November I took a train back to uni (I went home for the weekend) where I had to stand for an hour and then spend 10 mins walking back to my halls with heavy bags. This flared up my injury and we were back to the same levels of pain as before. Then to make matters even better, it was my 21st birthday on the 8th of November. My friend and I already had tickets to a boat party and I wasn't about to let my foot get in the way. So, along with assistance of the open bar, I went out and had the best birthday. Despite the pain my foot was in the next day, I have no regrets because I had such a good night. Anyway, this just sent me right back to the start and I couldn't get about at all. I had been given an open appointment and so I called the fracture clinic with hopes of a boot or something to help me get about - I should probably interject here and tell you that my campus is pretty big and on a hill, so I physically could not get to my lectures and was missing quite a bit of work. 

Unfortunately the next appointment wasn't for a whole week, so while I took the appointment, I was told to go to A&E if it was that bad. Now I really didn't want to do this but 3 days after making the call, I decided I didn't have a choice. So, on the 13th of Novemeber, I went back to A&E where I had more X-rays (no changes) and sent to the physio department. The physiotherapist had a good look at my foot and listened to me have a breakdown about the stress and pain this foot has been causing me. She told me that as well as fracturing my foot, I sprained it and had tissue damage, then gave me a tube bandage thing to help with swelling and support, and a crutch to help me walk. Now I only use these when walking longer distances as too much use could make things worse in the long run, but oh my gosh they have helped me so much.

I used the crutch for the first time on Wednesday the 14th and I forgot that walking shouldn't make you want to cry. It has been a life saver! Now, I spend most of my time in my room with my foot elevated, iced (my current state), covered in essential oils to help the healing. Fingers crossed, the healing process will be quick and I will back on my feet (literally haha) soon, but boy, what a nusance it's been!

Now that I can actually get around, things are slowly getting back to some level of normality but I still spend alot of time resting and icing my foot, which is very frustrating, especially with everything going on at uni, the FOMO is real. BUT, this does mean I get some time for blogging which I am very happy about, silver linings right! (Another strange saying)

On that note, I should leave and try get some of this uni work done. Speaking of which, I would love to add some more studyesque posts to my blog, maybe a study with me or something of the sorts, I always find them so motivating!

Also, I think I might try add a question of the day to my blog posts incase anybody feels like connecting. Todays question: Have you ever broken a bone? If yes, how did you do it? 

Hope you have a lovely day,


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