Friday, 16 December 2016

Winter Outfit || OOTD

This is one of my favourite winter outfits at the moment. It's really simple and comfortable but super comfy too. My favourite part of the outfit is actually the jeans! They don't look like much in these photos but what you can't see is the beautiful embroidered flowers by the pockets. I am a MASSIVE fan of this 'embroidered detail' trend going around so when I came across these jeans I fell in love. These particular jeans are actually from Sainsbury's, which is actually one of my favourite places to purchase my jeans. I struggle a lot with finding jeans that fit comfortably (I am all about comfort in fashion) and I find that the Sainsburys jeans just work with my body better than most brands. 

Along with my jeans, I paired my big comfy pink turtleneck sweater and my burgundy coat. This sweater is one of my absolute favourite clothing items right now. I purchased this sweater a couple months ago from H&M. I fell in love with the style and ended up buying it in 3 colours! It so so comfy and I literally wear it everywhere right now. I am also obsessed with this coat from Topshop. I always love the Topshop coats but debate spending the money so when I stumbled upon this one on Depop I just had to buy it. This is my go-to coat this winter now. The colour and style are perfect for the season. 

I then paired this outfit with some brown boots and my black bag to finish. It is one of more simple outfits I wear but somehow it works still. It is also very comfortable and warm, making it perfect for Winter! So there we have my go-to Winter OOTD!

Thanks for reading! 

Holly X


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