Monday, 19 January 2015

Soap And Glory Eyebrow Pen

Another one of my greatly beloved Christmas gifts was the Soap and Glory eyebrow pencil, officially known as the 'Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint And Pencil'. I have loved soap and glory for ages but had always stuck to the body wash because I knew I liked it and it would be worth my money. As much as I loved the look of their other products, I didn't want to go and spend my money just to realise I didn't like it as much as hoped. Soap and glory as a brand although not all that expensive, also aren't the cheapest brand out there. 

Anyway, as Christmas began to dawn on us I thought that now would be a great time to ask for some more soap and glory products, and I was not disappointed. I have always found it difficult to deal with my eyebrows and make them look how I want, but this product is the closest I have gotten so far. I am definitely no expert in the eyebrow department but I just love how this product makes them look. Also, since using this product I have had people telling me they liked my eyebrows, definitely a good sign!

Something I noticed about this eyebrow pen that is completely different from any other I have seen, is the use of two ends. On one end you have a pen like a tip where you draw little lines to replicate the eyebrow hair. Then on the flip side, you have the pencil tip. You then use this end to finish it off and perfect the shape.

I find this unique pen, the best technique in order to achieve naturally looking eyebrows with the perfect shape. Not that I am any expert but this is my know part of my staple makeup.

Overall I am in love with this product and can see myself using this for a long time.

Holly X


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