Wednesday, 21 January 2015

My New Cushion - I'm Fabulous

The other day I finally got to put up my new bed. I had been wanting a new bed for a while, so when I got one I was a very happy girl. However, I then had to wait a few months until I finally got to put it up the other day. Considering we spend a decent chunk of our lives sleeping, I think a nice bed is pretty important so I am very happy to be sleeping in a bed I love so much. As stereotypical as it is for a girl to love cushions so much, I do. I am obsessed with decorating things and I love making it look nice so having pretty cushions on my bed is pretty important to me. However I didn't have too many cushions that went with my new room, so my grandma brought me a couple including this one.

To say I love it is an understatement. The colour, the style, the message... I love it all! I think it's so cute and quirky. It goes perfectly with my room!

Basically, I love cushions... this one in particular.

Holly X

(I believe it is from Next if you were wondering)


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