Friday, 24 July 2015

Netflix favourites right now.

Today I thought I would share some of the programmes and films I have been enjoying lately. Having finished school and being a little unwell lately, I have had plenty of time to enjoy Netflix and thought I would give you my current top 5.

1- Once upon a time. (currently about to start season 4)
My current no.1 has to be 'Once upon a time'. I started watching this series a little while ago with my sister, however there is only limited free time we have together meaning that (for the majority of the time) we are unable to binge watch the series - this is what usually happens on Netflix. This series is basically based on fairy-tales and the modern day world. Now I am aware it doesn't sound as if it would appeal to all, however if, it appeals to my zombie loving stepdad, then I am sure it would appeal to others who would expect otherwise.

2- Pretty Little Liars. (currently up to date)
Pretty little liars are 100% one of my favourites (as like many others I know). However, this came in at number two, mainly due to the fact that I can't binge watch (otherwise it would be a joint first). Now this programme is a 12 and is maybe not suitable for those of a younger age or those who scare easily. It's not typically a scary programme, but can be pretty creepy at times. I love it!

3- Admission. 
I believe that this film is a relatively new addition to Netflix but I may be wrong. I thought this romantic comedy was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I know that I am pretty easy to please but I really enjoyed this movie and therefore it makes it into my current top 5.

4- Clueless
Now I heard people talking about this film for ages and somehow managed to go my entire 17 years of existence without seeing it, until the other day that is. Honestly, it was your typically 90's teen movie but I loved it none the less. Plus, I finally understood Iggy's music video.

5- Orange Is The New Black
Once again, I was late to the trend and only started watching this programme the other week. I became addicted and watched the first 2 seasons within days. However, it was when I started the third season and realised it was the most recent season, that I decided to try and slow down so it wouldn't end. 

There are still a ton of others that I have enjoyed but this will do for now. 
Happy Friday, have a lovely weekend and I shall see you next week.

Holly X


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