Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Summer BBQ's and oreo smores!

Now this post is a little delayed as this BBQ was actually about a month ago but I still wanted to share it. 

So this was around the time that England got pretty hot, so of course we wanted to make the most of it and had a little family BBQ. It was a really lovely evening full of DIY lemonade, oreo smores and lots of laughter. Therefore, I thought I would share a few snaps from the evening.

My brother (Alfie) on our DIY slip and slide.

It wouldn't be my brother if he didn't find some way to injure himself.

I decided to wear my floral maxi dress from Forever21 (from my NYC trip actually) with some very messy hair and no makeup this time.

My DIY super easy (and very pretty) lemonade - maybe I should write a post on this?

The food for the BBQ - it was very yummy!

Alfie and his pet bird, they are so cute!

Post-dinner marshmallow toasting.

There is always someone who drops their marshmallow.

So that is all for today's rather brief post, I had a lovely evening and can't wait for more summer evenings.
Thanks for reading!

Holly X

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