Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Not so summery summer walks.

Hello and happy hump day! Fun fact: it wasn't until a year or 2 ago that I realised that hump day actually meant the middle of the working week and NOT a slightly saucy day. Mean girls makes way more sense now. 

Anyway, on with today's post. So this time last week we had some family friends down for the day and decided to go for a lovely walk at Westonbirt Arboretum. I have mentioned this place a couple of times in previous posts, but basically, the Arboretum is pretty close to where I live so we often take advantage of this and go on walks. However, British weather being as unreliable as it is, decided that despite it being summer, it was going to be rainy and a little chilly too. Typical.

However, we still had a lovely day and I enjoyed every minute of it. I took numerous amounts of pictures on our walk, with such photogenic surroundings its hard not to, and thought I would share some of my favourites for today's post.

We found these BEAUTIFUL flowers that I loved. Look how nice they are! Definitely made me feel all summery, despite the weather.

There are tonnes of trees (obviously) but this one was huge!

My sister and I with our matching rain coats. I am 1000% obsessed with my coat and was actually pretty happy that the rain gave me an excuse to wear it.

I am not entirely sure what this plant is but it looks pretty cool.

My phone was full of photographs like this because it is just such a beautiful place. Despite my numerous attempts, it was practically impossible to fully capture how gorgeous this place is.

One of my favourite pictures I took. 

On this particular day, they were doing a little family trail things that we took part in. It was a great idea to entertain the children (and the slightly older children like myself) and helped to give them some extra knowledge too with the quiz!

At the start of the trail, you got given a worksheet and a pencil. On one side of the sheet, there was a map that told you where the quiz answers were and little pictures that you had to find along the trail and tick off. There were little pictures (like shown above) that we had to keep an eye out for along our trail.

On the other side of the sheet, there was the quiz. There were about 9 questions in total to answer. Around the trail, there were bigger signs attached to the trees that gave you some information about trees. You then had to use this information to answer the given question. I thought this was a great idea to help the children gain more knowledge in a fun and entertaining way! The trail was aimed at children but I personally loved it!

My brother (Alfie) exploring the plants.

I am not entirely sure what I am doing here but I thought it was too funny not to include. I think it's the serious face that makes me laugh.

Here is my outfit that I wore for our walk. I wore my boyfriend jeans, stripey top, raincoat and trainers. It was a very comfy and practical outfit and I don't think it looked too bad at all.

Some of the trees were different colours which reminded me of Autumn! The arboretum is a great place to go in the autumn with all of the gorgeous colours.

Another fancy photo where I tried (and failed) to capture the beauty of this place.

We finished off our walk with a yummy hot chocolate from the cafe. Not your typical summer drink eh?

So that is all for today's post. I had an absolutely lovely time and hope you enjoyed the pictures too.

Have a lovely day!

Holly X


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