Tuesday, 5 November 2013

October favourites

As October ends and November begins, I do believe it's time to review my October favourites.
October has come and gone super fast but I have still enjoyed using many products. I have narrowed it down to six items, so let's begin.

My first product is my baby lips hydrating lip balm by Maybelline. After hearing so many people rave about it I finally got around to trying it, and I have absolutely adored it! I suffer from dry lips all the time but it gets even worse around this time of year, which is why a hydrating lip balm is an absolute must have. This lip balm is super easy to apply and really moisturising. I cant wait to try them all.

My second favourite is the Tetley 'blend of both' tea. This tea has been my favourite tea for the past few months. It's half original tea and half green tea. As well as being a little healthier than usual tea, this tastes heavenly. I can't get enough of it! I haven't always liked tea but this tea has made me a bit of an addict. Oops.

One of my favourite foods/snacks lately is salted pretzels. I love them! Great snacks and super addictive, they are delicious. You can get these from pretty much any supermarket and I am in love with them so much. Yum.

 My next favourite is my hair clips from Primark. With 12 in a pack at only £1,  I figured I would give them a try and I have found them really useful. I tend to use these when clipping hair out of my face or when having my hair in a braid. These are really useful and stay in my hair the entire day.

Now for my skincare favourite of the month, the clean & clear foaming wash. As I was strolling around Superdrug earlier this month I came across this fairly new product. I, unfortunately, do suffer from breakouts that are pretty obvious and usually am left with scars. So my skincare routine is pretty crucial to me. I was in need of a new cleanser as my previous one was coming to an end so I figured, why not? This face wash leaves my skin feeling clean as well as soothing my skin. As someone with combination skin, this is very useful as well as helping to clear my blemishes.

My final favourite is the Elvive anti-frizz shampoo. I have naturally curly hair which I have learnt to love (most of the time) however, the one thing I absolutely hate about my hair is how frizzy it gets. This means that the majority or hair products I use are anti-frizz. My hair is never 100% frizz free but this defiantly helps and leaves my hair feeling lovely and soft.

That's all for my October favourites. Bring on November! 

Thanks for reading,
xxX Holly Xxx


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