Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Lush relaxing bath

So the other day I decided to try out some of my gifts and have a Lush bath. 
I was very pleased with the result.

First of all, I lit up my 'fireside treats' candle. This smells so heavenly I could eat it. 
This is (in my opinion) a very autumnal smell and it was just perfect for my cosy lush bath.

Whilst my water was running I added my bubble bar 'the comforter'. I crumbled it under the water to produce bubbles. The only way I can think of describing the bubbles is fluffy and sweet.

As I didn't want to use it all up before I got another one, I still had this much left after using it. However, it still produced plenty of bubbles and well as leaving my bath smelling wonderful and looking rather pretty.

Next, I added my 'space girl' bath bomb. This looked amazing so I was very excited to use it.

The end result gave me a lush smelling bath and I loved watching it fizz away. The oils also left me feeling very relaxed.

I also used this opportunity to try my 'rub rub rub' shower scrub. This left my skin feeling hydrated and fresh. My skin feels so soft and smooth and I really enjoyed using this scrub.

The final products I used were my simple face wash and mango body wash from boots. I love this face wash for the bath as it is slightly thicker than my other face washes and reminds me a little of a mask. This body wash smells amazing and is also great for the skin.

This bath left me feeling relaxed, smelling great and with super soft skin. Overall very enjoyable!
Highly suggested!

Thanks for reading!

xxX Holly Xxx


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