Monday, 10 October 2016

Cowden Support Programme || Week 4

With only 2 day's left of month 1, I am beyond impressed with the results I am seeing in myself. If you looked at me a month ago and compared it to myself now, you would struggle to believe it was the same person! I still have a long way to go until I am back to full health, but just knowing that each day I am a step closer, is very re-assuring. 

For anybody who may be new to my blog, I have Lyme disease. You can check out my post about that here or watch my video here. Almost a month ago, I started a new treatment called the Cowden Support Programme/Protocol. Each day I document how I have been feeling and each week, I post about how my week has been. This makes it easier for me to look back on and also helps to show people how I am getting on with the protocol, and if it is working for me. Feel free to check out my previous weeks here...

Now for week 4! Here is what my week looked like... 

Day 22-
I started feeling pretty good this morning. I went out for a little shopping with my mum and grandma which was really nice. However, around 2pm I crashed and have been feeling pretty rubbish since. Mainly just extreme fatigue and headaches again (along with my little cold). What a load of poop!

Day 23-
Feeling much better than yesterday today. Getting up this morning was very very hard as per usual but once I was up, things got a little easier. I spent the majority of the day editing my new video (check out my youtube channel here!) and the majority of my symptoms were cold based which was good!

Day 24-
Again, I'm feeling pretty good today besides getting up in the morning! My cold is clinging to me for dear life which is no fun, but I can handle a pesky little cold. I spent the entire day trying to get this video uploaded but I seem to be bombarded with technical issues. Not giving up just yet!

Day 25-
Waking up this morning wasn't quite so hard thankfully. However, within an hour and a half of being up, I start to feel myself crashing. So, I decided to listen to my body and spend the majority of the day relaxing. I managed to get my video up (click here to see), go to the pet shop, supermarket and go on a little drive with my sister in her new car! Although I wasn't feeling too great, it still worked out as a pretty nice day! The main symptoms today were fatigue and just general cold/flu symptoms. That wasn't too enjoyable but it was nothing near as bad as I have had in the past.

Day 26-
I woke up about half an hour earlier than usual today which made getting up really quite difficult and left me feeling pretty exhausted already. Besides that, I am not feeling too bad today. Still, have my lingering cold but it is definitely way better than before so that is good. I spent hours and hours working on my blog today so that was good. It's not nice to be feeling better, even with a nasty cold!

Day 27-
I had a very chilled day today. I wasn't feeling all too good with headaches and general cold symptoms so I decided to take it easy. Despite this, I spent my morning trying to tackle the mess that was my desk so that was nice to feel like I had accomplished something. However, when cleaning my desk I quickly discovered just how dusty it was, and just how allergic to dust I apparently am. I was sneezing so badly I almost threw up. Probably shouldn't let it get that bad again! Haha! I then spent the majority of that afternoon in bed watching films. My body definitely just needed to rest. 

Day 28-
Today I woke feeling pretty normal, just a little overtired. However, it was a normal person kind of tired so I was okay with that. It was one of those days where things just keep going not quite as well as you would hope. I then crashed about 6pm which was rather unfortunate because we then went out for my sisters birthday meal at 7pm. Despite feeling rotten, it was still a lovely night!

So there we have a little look into my week. Like all weeks, there were the good and the bad, but overall I think it really was very good. I feel like I got a lot accomplished this week so it was lovely to feel like I am doing something with myself again.

Bring on week 5!

Thanks for reading,

Holly Xx

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