Friday, 7 October 2016

Egypt || Summer 2016

On August 16th I had the please of going to Eygpt for 10 days. It was a family holiday and was honestly one of the best experiences I have had. We stayed in a lovely hotel that had lots of waterslides, cute cats (all of which we named) and really polite and helpful staff. There were also a few neighbouring hotels that were all owned by the same person, meaning we could go and use the other hotel's facilities too! Unfortunately, we didn't realise this until the second half of the trip, but we spent the last few days enjoying the neighbour hotels massive pool! 

Our hotel had the better waterslides, nicer grounds and was a lot less crowded meaning you really felt like the staff personally knew you. We really enjoyed that aspect. One night we went to the Asian restaurant. Our hotel was all inclusive and there were a couple buffets, where we usually ate. However, you could book a table at these specific restaurants for a more formal dinner. The Asian place was not only the best food but the staff were incredible. They spent the night joking with us and even took us back into the kitchen, where one the staff jumped out and scared me! It really felt like you were friends with all the staff and made such a difference to our trip. 

Our hotel pool was a lot smaller than the neighbour hotels, and some kid kept pooping in the pool!! At the same time EVERYDAY! So once we discovered it, we mostly used the other hotel's pool for swimming and then our hotel for general relaxing and sunbathing. 

Eygpt was so hot and it was so nice to be soaking up all the sun (with suncream of course). I personally LOVE the sun and am always complaining about being cold, but Eygpt was a whole new level! Some days it was 38 degrees (celsius) at 8:30 at night which was crazy and is very very far from our English weather. So besides constantly bathing in a pool of your own sweat, the weather was lovely. 

When we weren't sunbathing or swimming, which we did a lot because it was so hot, there were plenty of other activities to be doing. My brother and dad often would play ping pong or darts which was pretty cool. I occasionally joined ping pong but my little brother was way better than me. I spent a lot of time reading too which was amazing because reading in the sun is one of my favourite things to do and it was just so nice to be completely away from the internet and spent time with my family. 

We spent one day down at the beach which was right next to our hotel. You could even see it from our room which was so cool. The water was so nice and warm, a lovely contrast between our English sea, but the sand would get so hot that you had to run to the shady patches so you didn't burn your feet. I also got to ride a camel along the beach which was so amazing. I had never ridden a camel before and it was the coolest thing ever. My camel was honestly the cutest camel ever to exist. I am kind of in love.

The only downside was that people often came up to you and tried to sell you something or to try and get you to try some sort of activity. This happened at the pool as well and as somebody who enjoys her privacy and doesn't like to be bugged, this could get pretty annoying at times. But, despite that it was still lovely.

There was also evening entertainment that we sometimes went to. My favourite by far, though, was the pool party. My 2 sisters and I got in the pool and it was SO MUCH FUN! Everybody was just dancing and splashing and laughing and I really really enjoyed it. Such an amazing memories that I will enjoy looking back on. 

The entire trip was an incredible experience from start to finish but the highlight for me was our day trip out on the boat. We ate our breakfast at the hotel, picked up our snorkelling stuff and headed straight for the boat. Just going on the boat was a tonne of fun but we then got to see dolphins! Dolphins are one of my favourite animals and have been for as long as I can remember. Being able to see them in the wild was such an amazing experience that I will never forget. At one point I was in the water and they were literally about 7 metres away! It was so amazing and felt like a dream come true. As well as seeing the beautiful dolphins, including the cutest little baby, we got to go snorkelling around a couple coral reefs. I have never been serious snorkelling before and it was so unbelievably beautiful and magical, I just couldn't get enough of it. There was so many fish I just couldn't believe it and they were all so pretty and colourful! We got to see a stingray and I even found Dory! It was such an amazing experience and my dad, older sister and I were some of the last in the water. It really was amazing. 

Lookin back on it, I am surprised I did it. The open ocean kind of terrifies me but in the excitement of the moment, and knowing we were with a guide, who made you feel very safe, I did it and loved every second of it. It also probably helped that I had a life jacket on (we were told that if we were not confident swimmers then we should wear life jackets. I can swim pretty well but the open ocean is a big place and I would choose a lifejacket any day! Haha! Plus, trying to control flippers is hard work!). 

So yes, it really was an absolutely amazing trip that I will never forget. Throughout the trip I snapped a few photographs so I will stop waffling on now and share with you some of my favourite photos... enjoy!

So there we have it, one of the most amazing trips that I will remember forever. I apologise for waffling on in this post. If you managed to stay to the end then well done! I don't I could have done it! Haha! Feel free to check out my other posts and my youtube channel and I shall speak to you soon!

Thanks for reading,

Holly Xx


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