Monday, 31 October 2016

Cowden Support Programme || Week 6 & 7

Check out my video talking about getting diagnosed with Lyme disease, as well as weeks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the programme!

These past two weeks I have failed yet again as a blogger. If you have been following my blog then you will know that I have been posting weekly updates about my journey with the Cowden Support Programme/Protocol in hopes of treating my Lyme disease. However, these past two weeks have been really quite rubbish. I basically got 

I'm still not sure if I picked up some bug/flu of sorts (with my already weakened immune system, simple bugs/flu hit me pretty hard and take some time to recover from), had a herxheimer (when symptoms worsen due to the bacteria dying off inside my body) reaction or just a back couple of weeks (not an uncommon scenario as a lymie). All of these are very possible and either way, it was no fun. When my symptoms get so bad to the point of spending days and days on end in bed, I often find myself a little unaware of time and what is going on around me. The illness almost consumes me in some sense which is kind of strange. You would think with nothing to do, I would have plenty of time to focus on my blog/youtube channel and get on with other simple elements of my life, but that isn't the case. Illness like this takes a lot of energy from you and considering I have very little energy to begin with, when you add in an additional source, it literally takes everything out of me. 

This basically means I become a useless potato during these times and I just can't seem to function. This may seem a little hard to understand if you have never had to experience this, and I probably haven't done a very good job of explaining it, but if you can make some sense from my rambling words, you would see that it sucks. 

So that is why I have been so absent lately, and why I have been such a bad blogger. That is also why I don't have a detailed post about weeks 6 & 7 of the programme. However, I will very briefly summarise for you...

I was in my sick potato coma for the entirety of week 6 and the first half of week 7. However, half way through week 7 I started to pick up a little. I still feel like poop, and I still spend a decent amount of time in my bed, but I feel a little less potato and a lot more human, thank goodness! My main symptoms that impact me at the moment are nasty stinking headaches that cling to me for dear life, still a lot of fatigue and some joint/muscle pain too. 

I knew this wasn't going to be easy when I started the programme, but if it can treat my Lyme disease then it will 100% be worth it. 

Thanks for reading !

Holly X

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