Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Cowden Support Programme || Week 3

3 weeks down and 1 to go until I have completed month 1 of the programme! The first couple weeks were pretty rough but I have really noticed a difference this week. Unfortunately, being the germ magnet I am, I went and nabbed myself a cold. Yet despite this, I felt better than I have in weeks! 

If you are new to my blog, feel free to check out this post I made last year about getting diagnosed with Lyme and check out my posts for week 1 and week 2 of the programme. Today I wanted to share and reflect upon my experience with week 3 of the programme. Like everything, there were good and bad days, but overall, I would say that this week has really been a pretty good one! I am so so SOOO excited to be getting on through the programme and to be feeling the results already. It is very encouraging and gives me great hope that this will give me my health back!

Throughout week 3, I wrote down each day how I was feeling so I could document this entire process. Here is what my week looked like...

Day 15-
Today was a bed day. I am absolutely exhausted, my head hurts and I just feel like poop. I'm not sure if it's payback for actually doing something yesterday, a herxheimer reaction or a rather badly timed cold. Either way, I am not enjoying it.

Day 16-
Feeling quite a bit better today than yesterday. Still feeling rather coldy so I am starting to think I have been clever enough to pick up a cold. Smart move Holly. Besides that, I had a pretty good day! I had quite a bit of energy compared to before and manage to get on with a load of stuff I haven't been able to do for a while such as tidy my room!! (Baby steps!)

Day 17-
I woke up about an hour earlier than usual today so I am feeling pretty tired, which definitely doesn't help my symptoms. Despite this, I still had a little energy and managed to have a really relaxing bath which was amazing. Unfortunately, about an hour after my bath I crashed and remained in bed for the rest of the day. I think it may be this extra cold I picked up. Not too fun!

Day 18-
Today I am feeling a little better thankfully. Still not as good as before but that's alright. My medication for month 2 arrived today which is pretty exciting. I can't believe how quickly these first 2 and a half weeks have gone! I'm getting closer to having my health back and am feeling very hopeful! It's mainly just fatigue and headaches that haunted me today.

Day 19-
I am feeling even better than yesterday today! I managed to get out the house and see my friend which was so so lovely. Again the fatigue and headaches remain but today I got blessed with more cold symptoms... lucky me! When I'm not sneezing or snuffling, I get an earache which I think is linked to what is making me feel dizzy. Despite that, I don't feel half as bad as I have done!

Day 20-
Today I appear to be feeling the same as yesterday. Having enough energy to get up and make my bed, do my hair and makeup e.t.c is such an improvement on how I was before. Little things like this are no longer a massive struggle and I love it!!

Day 21-
I woke up this morning feeling a little rough but that quickly subsided! I went out for a walk with my family, filmed a video (coming soon on my youtube channel) and went to the cinema. It felt so so good to do something with my day. Slowly getting back to feeling like myself! I'm feeling pretty exhausted now but no way near as bad as normal.

So there we have my week 3 of the programme! A little shaky start to the week as you can see, but it was great to be ending on a high note. I am feeling really hopeful and excited about this programme now and can't wait to be back to happy healthy Holly!

Until next week...

Holly Xx


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