Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Spring into Summer - OOTD

Having finally got my exams out of the way, I can now start to relax a little more. Today, with the weather being pretty decent I popped into town with my friend for a couple of hours. We did the usual browsing sesh with a hefty amount of giggles too. We both picked up some goodies, as well as having a good catch up!

Later on in the evening I then went on to play some ball games in the garden with my brother and sister. It was just one of those lovely spring into summer days that create lovely memories. So, of course, as a result, I wanted to share my outfit. I found this outfit very comfortable as well as suitable for the weather. Living in Britain, the weather is very unpredictable and not all that hot but this outfit was perfect for the day!

Top - H&M (or Primark?)
Trousers - Next
Cardigan - Primark
Shoes - ASOS
Watch - Oasis
Necklace - Primark
Glasses - Specsavers

Thanks for reading!

Holly X


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