Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Summer Outfit Inspiration

 I went on a little shopping spree last weekend and purchased a few Primark items, Instead of doing an ordinary clothing haul, I thought I would attempt a slightly different style by dedicating a blog post to each item, showing you how I would incorporate the item 
into an outfit.

So, number 1 in these mini-series is this very simple, off the shoulder top. When I first came across this top I loved it, partially due to the fact that it reminded me of 'Grease' and partially because I love the whole 'off the shoulder' kind of style. However, I wasn't too sure about buying it as it is pretty clingy meaning it would show all of the not so slim parts of my body. Yet when I looked at the price and it was only £3 I thought 'oh screw it. I want to be Sandy from Grease!' and went ahead and threw it into my basket. 

In terms of an outfit, this is what I threw together. This is just one of the many outfits that could be created with this top but I thought it looked pretty cute. I paired this top with my creamy coloured pleated skirt from H&M and my little boots and necklace from Primark as well. 

I feel that this outfit would be great for a summer evening in particular and although the outfit doesn't feature an array of colours (something commonly seen in summer outfits), through adding a bright nail polish or even lipstick you could definitely brighten up this outfit.

Thanks for reading,

Holly X


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