Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A day at Thorpe Park

I have always been one of those crazy children who goes flying around the park roundabout at a million miles an hour with not a care in the world. I remember loving that funny feeling in your tummy and my hair flying around. There was always something so appealing to me about it. So when I discovered roller coasters, you can image how happy I was. Since this discovery, I have loved theme parks and roller coasters, so the other day when my friend invited me to Thorpe Park for the day, I was very excited. 

Now as I get older, the park roundabout becomes less and less appealing as I get more and more dizzy (and sick). However, I was very happy to discover that this didn't appeal to roller coasters. All the rides at Thorpe Park made me feel like a little excitable child again and I loved it!

Another great thing about this day was that my friend (the one who invited me) and I didn't take ourselves too seriously. We went on as many rides as we could throughout the day, including the ones that perhaps were meant for a younger audience. But we didn't care. We just had an amazing time full of laughter and doughnuts too!

Overall I had an amazing day and am so grateful for my friend and her family for taking me. I strongly encourage you to go out and spend time with your friends. Make lots of memories and laugh until your belly hurts.

Holly X

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