Thursday, 26 July 2018

Fashion Museum | Bath

This summer is (hopefully) my last summer before I am off to uni and so I am trying super hard to make the most of it. However, between my lack of money and the busy schedules of my friends, it is proving a little more challenging than expected. That being said, it has definietely encouraged me to explore more local areas and so came about a little outing the other week with the lovely Emma, a friend from school and a fellow blogger too!

We hopped on a train to Bath and walked on up to the Waterstones cafe. Good compant, books and coffee... what more could you want?! We had a spot of lunch, I had a mocha and we had a good long natter. Somehow I managed to leave without spending all my money on books (are you proud?) and we headed off to the fashion museum. Walking around Bath is always so lovely and there is always such a good vibe. Then just to make it even better, the weather was gorgeous! So, we mooched on over.

We managed to get the student price for the entrance fee which wasn't too shabby (my purse was very thankful) and the staff were so lovely. We walked around and took in all the beautiful clothes and interesting history behind them. I couldn't believe that I had never been before, considering how close it is to where I live. Finally, towards the end of the museum we reached the dressing up section. Now I loved dressing up as a child and I think I love it even more now! My family take our fancy dress very seriously and love a good costume party, so this was right up my street. We tried on a couple different items but the dresses were my favourite, even if it was a little big. I felt just like I could just go walk onto a movie set, it was amazing!

Once we had gathered ourselves and said goodbye to the dresses, we soon came to the end of the museum. We had a litte mosey around the gift shop and headed off. I am a sucker for any museum, gallery, e.t.c and it was the most wonderful day. I really want to visit more museums this summer and the Bath Fashion Museum was the perfect one to start it all off. A day full of sun, books, girly chats, coffee and fashion, it really was the perfect summers day.

I always forget to document little outings like this and it's something I really want to improve on. Having these little travel posts to look back on is so so nice and the more posts the merrier. 

Have you ever been to the Bath Fashion Museum? What's the best gallery/ museum you've been to? I would love to know so I can add it to my list!

Thanks so much for reading and I will speak to you soon,

Holly X


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