Thursday, 6 December 2018

Christmas Formal - Uni Life | Blogmas 2018 | Day 6

T- 19 sleeps until Christmas my friends!

Being the true Christmas fairy I am, I have been trying to get involved in as many Christmas events as possible this year and really soak up all the festivities. Every year I read about all the amazing festivities that take place and just wish that I could go to them all! This year, my uni Christmas Formal was on the list.

In all honesty, I wasn't sure what to expect when I heard of the formal, and so I went into the whole thing a little blind. Yet I can happily say that I was pleasantly surprised! We all got to dress up nice (including a very bad decision of heels with a fractured foot), do our hair and makeup all pretty and go and eat a gorgeous meal surrounded by live music. I loved it!

The meal was, of course, Christmas inspired and included breaded camembert (*drools thinking about how good it was*), a Christmas dinner and a chocolate truffle tart. It was the definition of a perfect meal. We also had Christmas crackers (complete with hats and bad jokes), wine (which I sadly ignored due to the joys of being ill) and a lovely singer performing through the evening. 

All in all, with lovely company, it was a lovely night and I can successfully check it off my festive events list. What shall I do next?

So that is all for today. I was planning on a little longer post with photos but in all honesty, I completely forgot to take any photographs at all (I do this all the time and always kick myself for it!). I hope you've enjoyed the post anyway and got a teeny little insight into my Uni life.

On that note, I hope you have a lovely day and I will speak to you tomorrow,


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